How It Works

To create an account on DAKdirect, please provide your name, company name and address, your email and your phone number. Your email address will serve as your log in, and you will be prompted to create a password. Once you've created an account, you can test drive our Intelligent Search™ Candidate Access tool before purchasing credits.

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In order to fulfill searches using DAKdirect, you will be prompted to add search credits to your account. We have 2 packages designed to fit whatever your search needs are. Standard, whereby you can purchase a single credit, or Premium, where you can purchase a block of 10 searches. Search credits may be purchased by credit card through our secure site. If you need a custom number of searches, please call us and we’d be happy to discuss your needs. A success fee will only apply upon the hire of a DAKdirect Candidate.

By following the 5 steps detailed below, you will be able to run a search for candidates and be on your way to quickly filling your search. Don’t forget – a DAKdirect Search Consultant is always available to answer any questions you have while going through the process.

Want to speak with a DAKdirect Search Consultant before you start?
Call us at 1-800-669-9DAK (9325) or email
Step 2
Percentage Matches

Your search results will be displayed in a “Percentage to Match” format which can be beneficial in further isolating or broadening the prospective candidate field.

Step 3
Position Consultation

This is where the human element and DAK’s trained search professionals come into play. We are here to provide input and guidance around your coding choices, discuss search results with you, and most importantly to engage and vet through the prospective candidate field to deliver your core slate of DAKdirect finalists.

Step 4
Candidate Screening

Finalist candidates will be presented to you through your DAKdirect account portal, where you can save and access the information at your convenience. In addition, DAKdirect Search Consultants are always on hand to provide substantive information overlays concerning key candidate details.

Step 5
Candidate Processing

You have the choice of accessing finalist candidates on a direct basis, or utilizing DAK’s Concierge service to help set up phone interviews, in-person interviews, and provide two-way client/candidate feedback. In addition, a DAKdirect Search Consultant can assist with offer formulation, offer presentation and offer close. For Premium clients, DAKdirect will run a complimentary candidate background check as a condition of employment.