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DAK partners with Envestnet Institute on Campus

DAK is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Envestnet Institute on Campus (EIOC). Envestnet Institute on Campus is a program that is designed to show young men and women on college campuses the incredible career path opportunities that exist within Financial Services, and in the process help to drive and develop the next generation of industry professionals and leaders. The program is the culmination of efforts stemming from leading industry organizations including Wheelhouse Analytics, Envestnet, The Money Management Institute (MMI), and FiServ. EIOC is now available at 17 major universities, and provides curriculum created and approved by the MMI. Students learn many of the foundational aspects of the wealth and asset management businesses along with industry terminology and nomenclature. Once participants complete the program, they make for compelling candidates for summer internships as well as entry-level hires. DAK Associates and DAKdirect are pleased to be partnering with this extremely important program, and DAKdirect will serve as the “resume hub”, database, and service center for this program.

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