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DAKdirect provides easy and highly intuitive coding inputs that have been derived from our proprietary database technology and honed over 33 years of high level search expertise. You can search by a multitude of key factors spanning Function, Product, Distribution, Education, Credentials, Language proficiency, and Geography. No more keyword searches, database dumps, and random outcomes. DAKdirect enables you to perform a precision search every time.

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An experienced DAKdirect Search Consultant will provide you with our full Concierge Service, including Position Consultation, Candidate Screening, and Candidate Processing. The power of the Web, with a human touch.

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Fair pricing per search credit – volume discounts – success fee only upon hire.

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Customize your search in seconds by selecting Key Drivers. You will instantly know your candidate pool before committing to a search.

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Want to speak with a DAKdirect Search Consultant before you start?
Call us at 1-800-669-9DAK (9325) or email
How the DakDirect Process Works
  • Step 1: Initiate Search

    This is where DAK’s Intelligent Search™ Mapping Technology begins

  • Step 2: Percentage Matches

    Our search results will be displayed in a “Percentage to Match” format which can be beneficial in further isolating or broadening the prospective candidate field.

  • Step 3: Position Consultation

    This is where the human element and DAK’s trained search professionals come into play

  • Step 4: Candidate Screening

    Finalist candidates will be presented to you through your DAKdirect account portal.

  • Step 5: Candidate Processing

    You have the choice of accessing finalist candidates on a direct basis, or utilizing DAK’s Concierge service to help set up phone interviews, in-person interviews, and provide two-way client/candidate feedback.