Success Fee Structure & Guarantee

Success Fee Structure

Our success fee is structured to be reasonable, simple to understand, and transparent. Should a hire be affected through DAKdirect, the fee will be 20% (twenty percent) of base salary only (including a draw arrangement in place of a base salary), with a minimum fee of $20,000. We do not bill on total estimated cash compensation, including guaranteed bonuses, sign-on bonuses, equity or stock grants/ options, relocation allowances, or other forms of compensation in addition to base salary.

For Premium clients only, the cost of the individual search credit will be credited against the success fee upon the hire of a DAKdirect candidate, and shall be reflected in the invoice.


DAKdirect provides a conditional 90-day pro-rated money back guarantee for DAKdirect hires, only if success fee is paid in full within 30 days. If an individual placed by DAKdirect with the Client is discharged or leaves Client for any reason, excluding death, disability, company relocation, change in control, position elimination, or resignation due to harassment, DAKdirect will refund the fee according to our guarantee. See Terms of Use.

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